It has been our experience during the past 30 years that the lawyers and staff at Sell Griffin McLain have always exhibited the utmost ethical standards of any lawyers with whom we have dealt.

- Rosemartha Cates

My relationship with Sell Griffin McLain is one of my most valuable assets.   Garland Sell’s work ethic is unparalleled, and his integrity is above reproach. With the formation of over 25 companies, Garland Sell’s keen mind and thoughtful deliberation have been critical factors in my business success. Sell Griffin McLain absolutely provides the depth and expertise of a big city law firm without the fancy prices.

- Paul Fields

The integrity of Sell Griffin McLain is a tremendous advantage when dealing with the courts and other attorneys, as their opinions and legal theories are rarely questioned by anyone. Sell Griffin McLain is very cost effective as their extensive knowledge of the law requires little legal research prior to preparing documents.

- Dick Ford