Wills and Probate

Sell Griffin McLain


Do not be fooled by advertising about preparing your will using one-size-fits-all software purchased on the internet. That type of software may not satisfy your personal needs or the requirements under probate laws in the State of Texas.

If no will is executed, upon your death your property passes according to the laws of the State of Texas. That division of your estate may not satisfy your wishes. If you have minor children, leaving your estate for their benefit can be complicated, and there may be substantial problems for your heirs.

Sell Griffin McLain PC has assisted hundreds of people in the preparation of a last will and testament to meet their personal needs and to be legally recognized by courts in the State of Texas.


Probate of a last will and testament is the process of filing the will with the appropriate court and proving it is the last will of the deceased.

We frequently encounter people who have a negative view of probate and the probate process because of misinformation they have received through rumor or otherwise. We have also encountered many clients who have gone to the unnecessary expense of establishing a living trust to avoid probate. In most cases, the most efficient and least expensive avenue is to probate a will rather than establish and administer a living trust.

Under current law, most estates are not subject to estate or “death” taxes. For those estates not subject to tax, the probate process can be relatively stress-free when handled by an experienced, skillful attorney.

Our attorneys have handled hundreds of probate proceedings throughout the Texas Panhandle.