Water, Oil, Gas, and Other Minerals

Sell Griffin McLain

The ownership rights of water, oil, gas, and other minerals are often separate from the ownership of the surface of real property. You need to assure yourself that your rights and interests are properly documented and conveyed to reflect the actual ownership. Our Firm is experienced in representing owners in matters related to the conveyance of water, oil, gas, and other minerals either with or separate from the conveyance of surface ownership.

Additionally, the attorneys at Sell Griffin McLain PC represent the landowner in the negotiation and proper documentation of terms for the leasing of oil, gas and other mineral to companies for extraction and production. Material to the negotiations is the use, care, and maintenance of the surface of real property used in the operation of the leased interest, including placement and replacement of roads and fences and vegetation and other improvements. Also related to the leasing of mineral rights is the granting of rights-of-way for oil and water pipelines.

In all matters, our Firm works diligently to see that the best interest of our client is served.