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Thank you for your interest in retaining this firm for your legal needs. Please review the following information regarding our billing, privacy, and file retention policies. The submission of this information alone does not create an Attorney-Client relationship. Such a relationship may be formed only after reaching a representation agreement with one of our attorneys.

Initial Conference. You will be charged for the initial conference and all subsequent conferences.

Telephone Conferences. You will be charged for telephone conferences.

Billing Rates. Billing rates for attorneys and paralegals are reviewed periodically and may be revised at any time. You will be charged for the attorney and staff time.

Estimates. If we give you an estimate for the cost of our services, it is only an estimate. The estimated fee quoted may be greater or lesser than the actual charge depending upon the complexity of the matter, actions by other parties and their attorneys, and the amount of time actually incurred.

Expenses. You will be charged for out-of-pocket expenses incurred by us on your behalf including travel expenses.

Client Documents. We will maintain all documents you furnish us in our client files for this matter. At the conclusion of each matter (or earlier if appropriate), it is your obligation to advise us as to which, if any, of the documents in our files you wish us to return to you. We may keep copies to the extent we believe advisable for our records. We will retain any remaining documents in our files, and our files will ultimately be destroyed.
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The best legal service is based on a friendly mutual understanding between a lawyer and a client. We will endeavor to keep fees and expenses charged to you as low as reasonably possible. We will bill you on a monthly basis, and we request that you pay promptly. If you ever have any questions concerning an invoice, please contact us and we will be glad to address your questions. You agree to pay all charges upon receipt of invoice.

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