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Attorney fees and costs can vary depending on the law firm you hire. Many expenses are outside the control of the attorney. As with all government costs, filing/recording fees charged by the courts are subject to increase at any time.

Sell Griffin McLain takes pride in providing high quality legal services by exceptional attorneys at affordable rates. This is possible because we are knowledgeable and efficient in our practice areas.

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It is not a legal requirement that your will must be prepared by an attorney. However, DIY wills are often one-size-fits-all templates that may not allow for customization to suit your specific needs and intentions. They are more prone to errors and ambiguities due to their generic nature. Minor mistakes or omissions in the wording, signing, or witnessing process can render a will invalid or subject to legal challenges.

There are many benefits to having a qualified and experienced attorney draft your will.  These include:

  • Customization and tailoring
  • Avoiding errors and ambiguities
  • Avoiding problems with taxes
  • Ensuring that your wishes are implemented
  • Protecting your privacy
  • Personalized advice and guidance
  • Making sure that your will is legally binding and valid under the laws of Texas

 A will is just one component of a comprehensive estate plan. Depending on your circumstances, you may benefit from other estate planning tools such as trusts, advance healthcare directives, or powers of attorney. Attorneys can provide guidance on the broader aspects of estate planning and help you create a comprehensive plan that reflects your unique circumstances, preferences, and goals.

Probating a will involves a series of legal steps to validate the will and administer the estate of the deceased person. The general steps involved include obtaining a death certificate, locating the will, filing a petition to probate, notifying interested parties, obtaining a court-ordered appointment of an executor, preparing an inventory and appraisal, notifying known creditors, paying debts and taxes, distributing assets, and preparing a final accounting for court approval.

While hiring an attorney to probate a will is not required, it is highly advisable to seek legal guidance. Probate laws can be complex, and an attorney can provide valuable expertise to help you avoid errors and delays. If there are any disagreements, an attorney can provide valuable assistance in resolving these conflicts. Probate also involves legal responsibilities, and an attorney can help you understand your legal obligations to protect you from potential legal pitfalls.

Choosing the right legal structure for your small business is an important first step. An attorney can explain the different options to you such as sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, or an LLC, and help you select the best structure based on facts like liability protection, tax implications, management structure, and future growth.

Additionally, an attorney can assist with the necessary legal documents and processes involved in setting up your business. An attorney can draft and file formation documents that establish the legal foundation and structure of your business.

Establishing a relationship with an attorney early on can provide ongoing legal support as your business grows and faces new challenges. An attorney can advise you on contract negotiations, lease agreements, legal disputes, or any other issues that may arise.

At Sell Griffin McLain, it is our mission to help new business owners make informed decisions that protect their interests and minimize potential risks. Consulting with an attorney regarding topics such as legal structure, business registration, contracts and agreements, and liability and risk management can provide valuable legal insights and help you establish a solid foundation for your venture.

Foresight is always better than hindsight. While it may seem unnecessary or awkward to create an agreement with someone you trust, having a written agreement in place helps set clear expectations, defines each partner’s roles and responsibilities, and can prevent misunderstanding or disputes down the line.

Any agreement between parties in business should be legally documented to adhere to the laws of Texas. An experienced attorney in this area is able to draft a comprehensive document covering every detail of the agreement to avoid common risks, disagreements, misunderstandings, and pitfalls. The attorneys at Sell Griffin McLain have many years specializing in assisting clients organize and legally maintain small business entities.

Yes! Most often, the purchase of a home is the biggest investment an individual will ever make. While using an attorney may involve additional costs, their expertise can help safeguard your interests, minimize risks, and provide peace of mind throughout the home-buying process.

You should not sign a contract to buy real estate without consulting with a knowledgeable, qualified Real Estate Attorney. If you sign a contract and then discover the contract contains terms that you did not intend, it may be too late for an attorney to negotiate changes.

Just like in the practice of medicine, all attorneys do not practice in all areas of the law. The experienced Real Estate Attorneys at Sell Griffin McLain can review all documents related to the closing of your purchase to assure that the transaction concludes to your best benefit as smoothly as possible.