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Buying a home is often the largest investment of an individual’s lifetime.  It is both an exciting event and a significant financial and legal transaction.

With such a key purchase at stake, having an attorney throughout the home-buying process to provide advice, answer questions, and protect your interests is both prudent and valuable. At the law offices of Sell Griffin McLain, we take the time to understand and provide personalized advice based on your unique circumstances and help you navigate any legal complexities involved in purchasing a home.

Likewise, selling a home is also a big step in life, and having the advice of an attorney can prove beneficial. You may need to coordinate the sale of one residence and the simultaneous purchase of a new home. You should have an experienced Real Estate Attorney review the contract for each transaction to ensure there are no hidden conflicts or contradictions, and that you are aware of any stipulations you are required to perform.

The attorneys at SGM can provide valuable guidance and can protect your interests (whether seller or buyer) throughout the process.  We have handled innumerable transactions for the sale and purchase of residential properties – both for homeowner use and for investor rental property.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • Contract Review and Negotiation:  The sale/purchase agreement for a home is a legally binding contract that outlines the terms and conditions of the transaction. We are experienced in the drafting and review of contracts, deeds, loan documents, and all other related documents. We can review the contract to ensure that your interests (whether seller or buyer) are protected, explain any complex legal language or contingencies, and help negotiate favorable terms on your behalf.
  • Review of Title Insurance:  Prior to closing, you should have an attorney review the commitment for title insurance to ensure that the property title is free and clear of liens and any unexpected claims or defects.  For a seller, the attorney can assist in clearing any title defects.  For a buyer, the attorney will explain any restrictions for use of the property and make sure you are aware of any easement that could interfere with your planned use of the property.