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Real Estate Transactions

You should be represented by Real Estate Attorneys when selling and purchasing a new home, commercial property, or vacant land, leasing property, or dealing with landlord-tenant disputes.

Real estate transactions – for improved or unimproved property – for residential, commercial, or farm and ranch property – can be complex and challenging.

The main focus of a realtor is to put buyer and seller together, and realtors are very good at that.  However, realtors are not licensed to give legal advice.

From the simple to the complex, Sell Griffin McLain has represented thousands of clients in a wide array of real estate matters.  We have the experience and expertise to meet the needs of the client involved in any real estate matter in an efficient and economical manner while minimizing risk.

Anyone who has bought or sold a home is familiar with the amount of paperwork involved in the process.  An experienced, knowledgeable Real Estate Attorney can research, draft, negotiate, and help you understand legal documentation relating to real and personal property.